• Otto LUTZ – Président

    Inspection, expertise, réparation de pales d'éolienne

    Expert en matériaux composites, connu et reconnu en Allemagne depuis de nombreuses années, Otto est l'un des hommes clef d'Héliopales.

  • Jean-Baptiste LOYSON – Directeur

    Inspection, expertise, réparation de pales d'éolienne

    Diplomé en réparations de fibres composites, technicien cordiste et expert en sécurité au travail, Jean-Baptiste est le spécialiste de terrain d'Héliopales.

  • Inspection, expertise, réparation de pales d'éolienne

    HELIOPALES SAS au capital de 10 000 €

    SIRET 531 192 490 000 13

    RCS de Thonon les Bains

    Le Villard

    FR - 74 360 Vacheresse

    Tel : +33 (0)4 50 73 78 34

    Fax : +33 (0)4 69 96 73 67


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  • Wind-turbine rotor blade appraisal

Wind-turbine rotor blade appraisal

expertise, materiaux composites pales rotors éoliennes

Assess the damages and remediation opportunities by bringing you in all situations an independent technical apparaisal as outer third party. Lightning damages, cracking, shell splittings, structural damage, damaged spars, partial or total rupture, faulty workmanship or normal wear and tear, recurring or exceptional phenomena, we can help you make sense of such things in order to better manage these situations.

Also involved in many research projects in Germany and Europe about inspection and repair processes for wind-turbine rotor blades, we particularly want to stay at the cutting edge of knowledge and technology. On site or in production, we provide our expertises for a buyer such as a manufacturer.

Damage appraisal

  • All kind of damages and/or event on rotor blades
  • Current situation, expert opinion and repair prospects
  • Evaluation and monitoring of technical solutions

Root cause analysis

  • Technical failures and exceptional events
  • Non-destructive testing and investigations
  • Study of technical solutions, testing and monitoring of retrofit

Repair monitoring

  • Notice and monitoring of blade repair protocol and process
  • Control over site conditions and proper implementation
  • Time tracking of repair performances

Production audit

  • Inventory of facilities and technical support
  • Witness points and process-quality control
  • Quality of finished products and expert recommendations

Research projects

  • Collaboration at various European research projects
  • Partnership with research institutes and universities
  • Means for non-destructive testing of wind turbine blades


  • Better understand and manage rotor-blade issues
  • Manufacturing and repair methods and practice
  • Type of damage and risk assessment
  • All skills and levels : engineers, technicians etc..